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The digital era of gambling and lottery had a profound impact on the way people accessed and engaged with gambling products. With the rise of the internet and the proliferation of smartphones, people had more options for gambling than ever before. Online gambling platforms offered convenience, speed, and accessibility that traditional pools such as Littlewoods struggled to match. Customers could place bets on sports events or play casino games from anywhere, at any time, using their smartphones or computers. In addition to these technological and cultural changes, there was also a shift in public attitudes toward gambling.

There were calls for tighter regulation of the industry and greater scrutiny of the marketing practices of gambling companies. All of these factors combined to create a challenging environment for Littlewoods Pools. While the company attempted to adapt to the changing times by introducing new games and marketing strategies, it was ultimately unable to compete with the convenience, variety, and immediacy of online gambling and new forms of lottery. As a result, Littlewoods Pools announced the closure of its pools business in 2007.

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