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The Liverpool, Cardiff and Glasgow branches of Littlewoods all hosted an annual outing. This was available to all Littlewoods employees for a fee. For example the Edge Lane building visited Blackpool on a regular basis. Travelling sometimes by bus and sometimes by train the Littlewoods Pools girls would arrive at Blackpool in a large group and were often greeted by the locals. Upon arrival they would be given fairground tickets but many ended up in the pub. 

Once two young Edge Lane Pools girls got very drunk and slept on the promenade. Waking them a concerned police officer escorted them all the way to the Edge Lane building in Liverpool.


The Cardiff Littlewoods building would go on outings to Weston Super Mare, another seaside town famous for its pier and beaches. However, Littlewoods Glasgow branch took its workers to the more sedate Hillington Park on the outskirts of Glasgow. For the more adventurous there were destinations further afield such as The Isle Of Man.

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