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In addition to the Pools, Mail Order, and Catalogue businesses, Littlewoods also had its own on-site printing department: J&C Moores Printing. J&C Moores was located at the Edge Lane site but despite its proximity to the Pools building, security measures meant that employees in each were isolated from each other. Despite this separation of workforces, J & C Moores staff were active in company societies and clubs, particularly those related to sports.

As well as printing coupons and catalogues, the printers at J&C Moores produced company newsletters and event programmes, along with labels for a variety of household favourites, such as Carnation Milk. Most notably, during the onset of WWII, the printing department was handed over to the British government, producing seventeen million conscription forms.

Much like the Pools staff, employees of the printing department experienced the same camaraderie and lasting friendships that are synonymous with Littlewoods. However, for many former J & C Moores employees, their time with the company is tinged with bitterness, with the printers being sold by the Moores family before ultimately being wound up by its new owners. The effects of this decision were catastrophic, leaving dozens of staff out of work and without access to their pension benefits.

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