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The Littlewoods Girls Choir, also named the Littlewoods Songsters, was a chance for Pool's girls to attain the stardom and success they often granted others. Running from 1946-1961 The top voices from each Littlewoods building would be encouraged to join the choir. The Littlewoods Girls Choir would appear on popular fifties television shows such as Quite Contrary and at the Royal Court with the Black and White Minstrel Show. George Michell from the Black and White Minstrel Show took over the choir and invited people from outside Littlewoods to join. Mr Moores eventually gave the order to break up the choir as many people were dissatisfied with the new direction. Everyone was offered one month's wages and their old jobs marking pool coupons back but many continued to perform instead.

Littlewoods Edge Lane Women’s Football Team was established in the early 1970s. Players were given a packed lunch, transportation to the Littlewoods Sports Centre and a paid afternoon each week. There was little infrastructure to support women's football as the FA had banned the women's game from all FA grounds in 1921. Young women were only allowed to play football in the street or the playground with little formal competition. Each Littlewoods building formed a women's football team and every sports day they would compete in a knockout competition. Unlike other aspects of sports day, these teams had been practising all year and were highly competitive. 


From 1983 the Littlewoods Women's Football Team would occasionally play against the Everton Ladies Football Team. Littlewoods also established netball, hockey and relay teams which each functioned in a similar fashion to the football team. 

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