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Glen Trool Hunting Lodge was a secluded house by Loch Trool owned by the Moores Family. This was an isolated but scenic house often used as a form of Bereavement therapy or medical recuperation for Littlewoods employees. This unusual facility played a vital role in maintaining the wellbeing and securing the loyalty of Littlewoods employees. Glen Trool was used as a reward and motivation as some skilled coupon clerks would be permitted to visit each year. There was also an annual visit to Glen Trool available to all supervisors.

The Hunting Lodge had domestic staff who took care of cooking, cleaning and maintenance. Littlewoods employees would therefore be free to explore the area and visit the nearby hamlets. Bruce’s Stone was a popular place to visit and some employees enjoyed boat rowing on the Loch. Glen Trool's main appeal was its isolation as it had no television or phone connection with just a radio available for those staying at the Lodge. Glen Trool was such a powerful tool for the Moores that many staff members still feel nostalgic about it to this day.

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