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Sir John Moores was a noted philanthropist who was involved in a wide range of charitable causes throughout his life.  The John Moores Foundation was established in 1964 to support a range of charitable causes in the UK, generally prioritising support for marginalised groups.  Since 1999, the foundation has provided over 2,397 grants to over 1,287 recipients, ultimately garnering an (ongoing) total of £16,92,0981+ to organisations working in fields such as the arts, health, and social welfare.

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The John Moores Foundation The original Trust Deed states that the Trustees could support all or any of the following purposes:

• “The raising of the artistic taste of the public whether in relation to music drama opera painting, sculpture, or otherwise in connection with the fine arts

 • The promotion of education in the fine arts

• The promotion of academic education

 • The provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure-time occupation

• The helping of the young the old and the needy PROVIDED ALWAYS that nothing in this Clause contained shall create any trust affecting the Trust Fund or impose upon the Trustees any legal or equitable obligation or modify the duty of the Trustees to apply the whole of the Trust Fund and the income thereof for charitable purposes.”

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